WEM Platform Documentation

Technical and Practical information about the WEM No-Code Platform, WEM Modeler and WEM Runtime.

The WEM Platform has been designed to hide the complexity of software development and deployment, enabling any person to visually create applications without need for specific programming skills. At WEM we call this Rapid Application Modeling.

The WEM No-Code Platform was first created in 2010 and has been growing and improving ever since...

The WEM Modeler is the central point in the Platform, providing the No-/Low-Code environment to create and manage the applications.

The WEM Runtime is the other significant element in the Platform, where the applications built in the Modeler get published to become available to the end-users.

The WEM Expressions Reference is where you will find everything about WEM functions, keywords, operators and data types. It also provides information about WEMScript, the specific script-language to use in powerful custom widgets and custom script blocks.

Other WEM Resources

  • Access MyWEM for free online Training and access to your projects.

  • Visit our Forum for all kinds of discussions and tips from WEM Users.

  • Visit wem.io for all other information on organization, features, licensing, partners etc.

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