Create WEM Account

Create your account

You need a WEM account to start building your own apps. This WEM Account is used for the Modeler (building applications) and the MyWEM portal (support, training, forum and other useful stuff around the WEM Platform).

Creating a WEM account is straightforward. Simply go to the WEM website and click Start for free, or go directly to the WEM Create Account Page.

You are now presented with the page to create a new WEM account:

Fill in the form and hit the [Create account] button.

You will receive an email asking you to activate your account. The link in that email is valid for 2 days. Please check your Junk or Spam folders in case this mail ends up there.

It is required to use this specific link once, to activate the account. If the account is not activated using this link within 2 days, you may need to request assistance from WEM Support (

Multi Factor Authentication

After activation, you are also asked to set up MFA (Multi Factor Authentication), just to make your account and the usage of Modeler features more secure.

WEM MFA offers 3 options:

  • Email (can be a different email address from your WEM Account)

  • SMS (mobile number)

  • Google Authenticator (mobile app generating random numbers every minute)

We advise to activate at least 2 of the 3 options, so you get a choice when you login to use the MFA option that is available to you at that time. You know, we all forget our phones sometimes, or transfer to a new phone - and then you need another option besides the Authenticator app which will not work anymore.

Trust one week option

After setting up the MFA, next time when you login to MyWEM or Modeler, you need to use one of the activated authentication methods. At that time, you can check the option "Trust this computer (skip MFA for a week)" to bypass the MFA option for 1 week; next time you access MyWEM or WEM Modeler, you only need to provide your Username and Password.

This only stays as long as you do not specifically logout but just close your browser when you're done working in the Modeler or MyWEM Portal. As soon as you explicitly logout, all settings (stored in local cookies) are removed and next time you'll need to provide your Username, Password and one of the MFA options again.

Change MFA Settings

If you want to change your MFA settings at a later moment, you can access your "My details" in MyWEM and click on the [Change MFA information] link below your personal information. This will bring you to the WEM Login Portal where you can click the [Manage Multi Factor Authentication] button near the bottom, that leads you to your MFA options so you can change your settings.

Cannot access MFA?

For security reasons, it is not possible to reset (to blank) your MFA options yourself once they are set. So it is highly recommended to have at least 2 MFA options setup, or even all 3 options, in case you have no access to your personal device (for SMS or Authenticator).

If you have absolutely no access to any options and need the MFA to be reset, you can send an email to (in English preferably) with the reason for this request to have MFA-options reset, and specifically your WEM account information.

Once you have activated your account and setup MFA, your account is ready and you can get started on that first app.

The next step: access and use MyWEM Portal.

MyWEM is the central location from where you can access all your WEM information and projects. Read the next part to learn more about the MyWEM portal.

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