The IsKnown() function checks whether the input parameter is known and recognizable as a value or element.

It is only slightly different from HasValue() in the way that an empty text-value is a known element (it is a text), but it does not have a value.

This function is SQL compatible. For more information about SQL compatibility, see our documentation.

If the input parameter is a list or a collection (like a Concept-Set), then the IsKnown() function checks if the list has at least 1 row.

The IsUnknown() function checks the opposite of this function.

Returns true if parameter is not unknown. Returns false if parameter is unknown.



IsKnown( "1" ) => True

IsKnown(unknownnumber) => False

IsKnown( "" ) => True >> This is different from HasValue( "" ) : "" is a known element (an empty string) but it does not have a value according to the HasValue implementation.

IsKnown( " " ) => True

IsKnown( '' ) => True

IsKnown( {} ) => False

IsKnown( [List WithRows] ) => True

IsKnown( [List WithNoRows] ) => False





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