The ToConcept() function returns the concept with the given Local Name or Concept Id.

Be aware that using this function with a Local Name, this can only work if the local name used is unique in the total ontology collection. If there are more than one concept with the same local name that you are looking for, the ToConcept will not work because it searches through all of the Ontology and expects only 1 specific result to return as Concept.

For finding concepts when local name may not be unique and you want to search within a specific parent, we recommend using one of the other Concept Functions available, where you can search more specifically, like FindConcepts or GetChildren.

Read general information about Concepts and Ontology

This function is NOT SQL compatible. For more information about SQL compatibility, see our documentation.

Returns the concept that is found with the given argument.

Returns Unknown if:

  • the parameter is unknown;

  • if no concept can be found for the provided parameter;

  • if there are multiple matches for the provided parameter (local name).



ToConcept("dutch") =>Result: 'Languages'.'Dutch'

ToConcept("status") =>Result: unknown when there are multiple concepts with localname status in different parts of the ontology

ToConcept(unknownstring) =>Result: unknown


ToConcept(1467668) =>Result: 'Languages'.'Dutch'

ToConcept(unknownnumber) =>Result: unknown





text that is used to search the local name of a concept



number that is used to search concept by Concept Id

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