Using this node is the way to realize single sign-on in WEM. Let's say the authentication provider is Microsoft Active Directory. When the user is already logged into the company network, the authentication node will recognize this and won't ask for a username/password. If the user has not been logged in, he/she will be asked to log in. When this is done, the user is logged onto the company network, so all other applications that use Active Directory will recognize this as well.

The authentication node can be used to authenticate a user, using a pre-defined authentication provider (how to set up authentication providers). Using this node is simple: drag it to the workflow where the authentication needs to take place (e.g. the Home flowchart) and make sure the workflow passes this node. Once the node has been reached, the pre-defined authentication provider does the user authentication. There are a few properties:


Authentication Provider

You can select the authentication provider that should be used by this node. You can only select providers that have been previously defined


- SignOn -Logout

Here you specify the action the node should pass on to the authentication provider. You can choose between signing on the user, or logging out the user

The node has three possible exits:

  • Authenticated - in this case the user is authenticated

  • Not authenticated - the authentication failed or the user is logged out

  • Error - the authentication resulted in an error

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