MyWEM Support

All support issues and questions, as well as feature requests can be addressed through My Support. You can create new support tickets, get an overview of the tickets you have submitted or see the details of an existing ticket.

Support staff does NOT have access to your project, so if it is necessary to investigate your project in the Modeler, you should provide access to Support.

My Support is the main self-service environment for your specific issues in WEM. The Forum is a close second, although you will use the Forum for more generic questions and discussions with all WEM users, while you will use the Support for help with project-specific Modeling problems or occurring error messages.

There are buttons for Special Tickets - please use these buttons if your situation matches its purpose - because they will start specific flows to make things easy.

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Received a 500 Internal Server Error message?

Got a message like this? Select and copy the Error ID value!

Click button [Check Server 500 Error Code] and paste the Error ID to pre-fill a ticket with all relevant information, then enter information how you got to this point.

Please provide the error code in plain text in the appropriate field, because that will be used by the system to retrieve the technical information from the logging service. A screenshot of this code like above is in absolutely no way useful!

SSL Certificate needed?

When you have your own hostname (not ending in and you want to run it in secure https:

  1. Click the [Request SSL Certificate] button to start the SSL Certificate Request procedure.

When you create a new ticket you are requested to fill in information in specific fields.

The more specific and complete the provided information is, the better the Support Team will be able to help. So make sure you read the tips and provide correct and complete information, as much as may be needed for Support to understand your situation (be aware that support staff may not know your project or business, so detailed information and specific steps may help a lot).

Create new Support Ticket

To create a new ticket, hit the [Create a new ticket] button.

Select the Element for which you want to create a ticket. An element is a specific part of the WEM Platform and gives the Support Team the first clue to where the issue may be (can be used to assign it quickly to the designated specialists if applicable).

  • Generic: a no matter what, anything fits, I don't know where else to put it choice;

  • for issues related to MyWEM;

  • Modeler: for issues with the Modeler itself;

  • License Key: for questions about requiring, changing or extending a license key to publish >> please use the special [License Key Request] button;

  • Workspace, Project or Portal: for issues with one of your specific project (or workspace or portal);

  • URL: for issues regarding a specific url (web-address);

  • SSL Certificate: for issues regarding SSL certificates to have your portal running in secure https; for new custom SSL certificates please use the special [Request SSL Certificate] button;

  • Native Mobile, Android or iOS: for issues regarding native mobile apps development in WEM;

To help Support Staff to handle your ticket better and faster, please provide as much relevant information as possible. When applicable, be sure to provide:

  • Your WEM project name or id - information can be found in the [i] tab.

  • Particularly the node id will enable Support to quickly find the specific situation. The node id can be found in the flowchart editor, in the top-right corner, when a specific node is selected and its properties are displayed.

Next give a meaningful subject, short description or title for easy reference of the issue or question in the Subject field - this will be displayed in the list of tickets. Then select the ticket type. You can choose one of the following:

  • Bug – wrong behavior

  • Bug – error message

  • Feature request

  • Network issue

  • Question

  • Complaint

  • Data Breach

Once all the information "about the issue" has been provided, you can write a more elaborate description of the issue:

You can attach files to a ticket with screenshots to help clarify the situation.

When you’re done, hit the [Submit] button and the ticket is created. You will receive an email confirming the new ticket and Support Staff will be notified.

The system automatically takes you back to the ticket overview, where you can open your tickets to check the status, or add information (only for tickets that are open and have not yet been assigned to a member of the Support staff).

The process of handling tickets, may go through several stages, which is depicted with the Status (in the list and the details). The most important stages are:

  • New: you've just created the issue, support staff is notified;

  • Assigned: support staff has assigned the issue to a specific staff member;

  • Status Update: support staff has made changes, which can be read in the history of the ticket details;

  • Needs more info: support staff needs more information from you, the requested information will be in the history section of the ticket details;

  • Ready for Review: support staff provided information for you to review;

  • Resolved: support staff deems issue to be resolved, which may also be by having explained a specific situation or provided information to help you take the appropriate actions to remedy the issue.

When the status of a ticket is set to Resolved, the ticket is hidden from the list of active tickets. You can then close the ticket if you agree to the provided resolution, workaround or information. If you still need help on the same issue, you may Decline the proposed solution and add additional information why you declined, so the ticket will re-appear in the list of active tickets.

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