Google maps locator

The Google maps Locator

Shows one icon (marker) on a Google Map, based on a latitude and longitude value. This widget does not provide travel information and does not support multiple markers, it simply displays one location on a map. For travel information you can use the 'Google Maps - Directions' widget. To display multiple markers you can use the 'Google Maps - Markermap' widget. Demonstrations of both widgets are coming soon.

This widget requires a API key to function, you can find API keys more about API keys on: this page.





number, datafield

The latitude of a location: a coordinate that specifies the north–south position of the location on the map.


number, datafield

The longitude of a location: a coordinate that specifies the east-west position of the location on the map.

Api Key

Text, expression

The Google API key (required). You can find more about the google maps API's here: Link



Auto locate

dropdown, boolean

When set to 'Yes': try to pinpoint the (GPS) location of the user when either the property 'Latitude ' or 'Longitude ' is unknown. Otherwise a default location is used (Amsterdam).

Map type

text, expression

Google Maps supports the following map types:

  • "roadmap" displays the default road map view. This is the default map type.

  • "satellite" displays Google Earth satellite images

  • "hybrid" displays a mixture of normal and satellite views

  • "terrain" displays a physical map based on terrain information.




dropdown, boolean

Set the default zoom level of the map.


text, expression

When set to 'No': allows you to provide the width of the map in pixels. The width remains the same on smaller screen sizes. When set to 'Yes': the width of the map is as large as possible and changes on smaller screen sizes.



Set the width of the map in pixels. Only visible when 'Responsive <dropdown, boolean>' is set to No. A large width may cause the map to be not entirely visible on small screen sizes.



Set the height of the map in pixels. The height of the map remains the same on all devices and screen sizes.

Marker icon


Display an image instead of using the default red marker icon.

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