Execute Process

WEM comes with a large number of pre-defined processes that you can use in your workflow. These processes range from generating documents to sending email or sending data to Google Analytics. When this process node is dragged to the flowchart, a popup window appears where you select the process that you want to use. If you select a particular process you will immediately see which input parameters are availble/necessary for this proces. An example:

Note: By default, no processes are available: you need to define which processes are available through the Project settings for Processes

Once you have selected the process you need in your flowchart, the specific properties become available to configure.

The properties are similar for all processes:

  • Name of the node, this is set by WEM and cannot be changed.

  • The specific Input parameters for this process.

  • The specific Output parameters (for example when a PDF is created, in which File Field to store the result).

  • The template that is specific for this process (e.g. the email body in case you want to send an email. You can edit the template by clicking on Edit template. Not all processes have a template, so you will only see this button when a template is available.

An example of the input parameters for the "Send email" process:

On the left is the input parameter name, in the middle column the data type and the right column shows the value, mapped field or expression when entered. On the far right is a button that takes you to the expression editor where you can enter the value for the parameter.

This node has two exits:

  • Error- this exit is used when the process results in an error;

  • Default exit - this exit is used when the process does not produce any errors.

You can find a few tips about sending emails with this node on this page: Email Process Tips

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