The IN keyword checks if a list or concept set contains a specific value.

This function is SQL compatible. For more information about SQL compatibility, see our documentation.

Returns a Yes/No value that indicates if a list or a concept_set contains a value.

value IN value_list

"Wallet" IN ([Products.Name] of [Products]) => Yes: if [Products] has a product with a name that is wallet.

value_list IN value_list

List("Wallet", "Moneyclip") IN ([Products.Name] of [Products]) => Yes: if [Products] has products with a name that is wallet and one that is moneyclip. => No: if only one of the names are in [Products]

concept IN concept_set

'Role'.'Admin' IN { 'Role'.'PowerUser', 'Role'.'Admin' } => Yes

concept_set IN concept_set

{'Lang'.'nl-NL'} IN {'Lang'.'nl-NL','Lang'.'en-US'} => Yes

{'Lang'.'de-DE', 'Lang'.'nl-NL'} IN {'Lang'.'nl-NL','Lang'.'en-US'} => No: the whole set must be contained to return true.

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