Heading Type

The heading types are established by the master template. When you show text in a label you can use the heading types to give text styling that fits the master template. h1 has the largest text size for big headers, and slowly downsizes to the smallest h6, which is the same size as the paragraph style.

Paragraph Style

This type is for regular paragraphs of text. The font again depends on the master template. This style is default for text when you add a label with text to the canvas.
Next to the paragraph are the list options, modeler supports ordered and unordered lists indented with numbers or bullet-points. Indentation can also be done here with a indent and a outdent button you can go as far as you want. The indenting happens per paragraph and does not have to be in a new label or text block for different indentations.

Text Styling

Below the heading options, you find the style options supported by the modeler. With first, the eraser, used to erase the styling on the selected text or label altogether and revert to paragraph style text while the alignment setting is retained. Next to the eraser you have: B, for Bold; I, for italics; C, to cite and S to make the text extra small. The cite style uses a color with italics to make it make it visibly a quote.


The alignment settings let you align the text to different sides. You can choose between: left, middle, right and justify.
The hyperlink style makes your text appear as a link, with blue text and an underline appearing. The hyperlink styling allows you to give the text extra properties. To make the text an actual link you have to use the these properties.
The style context controls the text color of your hyperlink, to which color this translate in the browser is depending on the design template and the browser used. The "On click" property relates to what happens when the hyperlink is clicked. These are the same choices a button has. By default it refreshes the screen. The other option from left to right: open a flowchart, follow a button exit, go to a navigation item, open a hyperlink and downloads a file.


With the tool-tip you can also give text and labels a tool-tip. A tool-tip is a small text balloon that shows up when your mouse hovers over or clicks on a component. This button give you the ability to give labels or text a custom tooltip. When the tooltip property is added to a text item, it allows to set a few properties in the property pane as shown belaw.
Text style context changes the original text and or label.
Mode controls whether the tip is shown by clicking the text or by hovering your mouse over it.
Placement chooses where the tip will appear relative to the text.