Multi select input button

The Multi-Select Input Button Widget allows users to choose multiple options from a set of interactive buttons. With its intuitive design and flexible functionality, it provides an efficient solution for interaction nodes that managing filters with a lot of optios.



Data field

datafield, single select concept

The concept that holds the options information. It displays the selected options and all other options allowing the user to make options selected or unselected.


boolean, expression

Can be used to filter the options (concepts).

On change


When the user clicks on a button to either select or unselect that option, the following actions can be performed: do nothing, refresh screen or execute flowchart.

Execute flowchart


Execute the provided flowchart when the user clicks on one of the options. Only visible when 'On change ' is set to 'Execute flowchart'.



Display the buttons either horizontal or vertical.


text, expression

Changes the button text. By default it displays the concept's name.


number, expression

Display a number immediately after the button label. Example 1 shows a random number after each label.


dropdown, boolean

Make the buttons as wide as possible. Only visible when using a horizontal orientation.

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