The Last() function returns the last item in a list or concept set.

For (persistent) lists it must indicate a field of that list.

This function is NOT SQL compatible. For more information about SQL compatibility, see our documentation.

Returns the last item in the given list or concept_set.

Returns Unknown if one of the parameter values is unknown or outside the common valid date boundaries.

Possible fault message in expression editor: Invalid call to a function: parameter mismatch at position(x,y): Last

This could mean that there is no field of list used, but only the (reference to a) list.

The Last function needs a field from list where filter construction, or if you only want to get the last row of a list, use RowId([list]) of [list] where [filter].


Last(List(values) or [field] of [list])

Last(List("A", "B", "C")) =>Result: "C"

Last(RowId([list]) of [list] where HasValue([field in list])) =>Result: last row in the indicated list where a certain field has a value




list or a concept_set


a collection of values or elements of the same type, or a list of fields from a (persistent) list.

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