Security of projects made with the WEM modeler.

Security is an important part of software and has different aspects that need to be covered. In this series Elian Ebbing talks about what we do to keep WEM secure and what you can do to make your projects more safe. This series consist of 4 video's with the following topics:

  1. An introduction

    • This video is an introduction to the different aspects of security in the context of WEM, and what we do to stay up to date with our security.

  2. Cross-site Scripting

    • What is cross-site scripting and how does WEM prevent it.

  3. Best Practices

    • The best practices you need to know to make your projects more secure.

  4. Runtime Security

    • What we do to make the runtime environment secure.

The presentation seen in the video's can be downloaded here:

The introduction

Cross-site Scripting

Best Practices

Runtime Security

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