MyWEM Features

The MyWEM portal is your personal self-service WEM portal.

Get Started

Providing a collection of blocks to give you starting points for useful WEM stuff.

  • Documentation - to read about WEM;

  • Quick Starters - get your copy of a WEM-built project with some features already available to get a jumpstart or to study and expand upon;

  • Upcoming Events - provided by WEM and Partners to share information and experiences within the WEM Partner Eco System;

  • Training - free online basic training as well as hosted sessions by Training Partners (if available);

  • Latest Forum Posts - quickly see if there is something new (and link to the Forum portal);

  • My Support - your latest support tickets (and link to the support feature);

  • Community - a link to the LinkedIn Community;

  • Showcase - several videos on WEM, hosted on Vimeo platform.

My Projects

An overview of your projects in the Modeler, grouped by Workspace. You can filter on Workspace or search for a particular project by name. Every projects also has a direct link to open that project in the Modeler. Also some Quick Starters are made available here.


The WEM Community Forum is the place to ask questions and find answers; share your ideas and discuss topics with other WEM users. It has been promoted to its own portal and hostname: find it at

Please read the forum guidelines as provided in an overlay before posting.

  • Search feature - available in top-right corner at (almost) all times (using a Lucene implementation if you'd like to know).

  • Favorite Threads you can keep to easily and quickly find when you need to.

  • Overview of Popular threads.

  • Additional sorting options within thread: used to be chronological only, now you can choose between oldest first, latest first or by most votes;

  • Action Button on each post for post-related actions like: Vote (up or down), Reply with quote, Direct message to poster.

  • Interactive chat, powered by Crisp Chat - to chat directly with WEM HQ.

  • Easy management of your personal Forum settings and subscribed categories and threads.

App Store

The WEM App Store contains WEM Projects which you can install as a copy into your workspace to start with and modify to your own needs, as well as Widgets that you can download and then import into your own Widget Library to use in Interaction Templates.

These projects and widgets are provided by WEM and Partners.

The Quick Starters are provided as example projects with some specific features worked out to study and expand upon. They also provide guidance and tips using Notes on flowcharts and Comments in templates.

Click on any of the provided Project Tiles to open a detailed overview of the project and some screenshots on what it will look like. Click on the [Install] button to choose the target workspace where you want your own copy of the project. It may take a short while for the project to be copied and then you may find it in the Modeler and start using it.


All available training material can be found here.

The WEM Essentials Online training takes you through the basics of building an application in WEM. The training is designed for all skill levels, provides examples and is accompanied by some Starting Point projects for exercises. An experienced developer can do it in about a day, while it may take a few days for someone new to building applications - but you can do it in your own tempo at your own convenience. If at some point you stop this training and want to continue later, just come back via the MyWEM Training Page and it will take you right back to where you left the training. WEM Certification will be introduced soon. Being WEM certified will show that you are proficient at building applications with the Modeler, this will help you stand out from the crowd. WEM has Training Partners that provide Instructor Hosted Trainings. Sessions which are open to public attendance will be displayed here.

Businesses and (potential) partners who want to have a "private" training for only a limited group of their intended WEM users can get in touch with WEM through the contact page, related WEM Partner or WEM Account Manager.

WEM Essentials Classroom covers the same subjects as the Online Training, with more personal focus and interaction to go deeper into details. This training is provided by our Training Partners and can be followed online, onsite or at a training center.

The WEM Pro: Integration is a next-level training on integration features in WEM using webservices (SOAP/REST), OData, SAML and more. Basic knowledge and some experience in creating WEM projects is required.

WEM Pro: Widgets allows you to create Custom Widgets to enhance the User Experience. Javascript knowledge is required - this is the low code part.

My Support

All support issues and questions, as well as feature requests can be addressed through My Support. You can create new support tickets, get an overview of the tickets you have submitted or see the details of an existing ticket. Because we have much to share about My Support, it is available in its own page:

MyWEM Support

My Details

My Settings provides information about your WEM-account and - if applicable - your company. At the top of the screen you will find your personal information:

Click on [Edit account information] to:

  • Change your personal information;

  • Add/change your Profile Picture;

  • Change the information which is displayed on the Forum when you submit posts (which can be viewed by other WEM users in the Forum);

  • Remove your personal information (GDPR): the action [Forget me] will disable your account in MyWEM and the WEM Modeler, and it will replace all your personal information (email address, name, phone) with random characters. This way we make sure that your account is no longer identifiable as any personal information, while we still can uphold our required business administration.

In the next block, your company's information is displayed. If applicable - that is, your Company has some kind of business agreement with WEM - MyWEM can link co-workers together, make workspaces and projects available to co-workers within the same licensed company and include information on the license that is used by your company.

If you have the authority (proper role attached to your account in MyWEM) to manage the company's information, you can change the basic information and manage the contacts for the Company within the context of the WEM Platform. The role you need to access this information, is either 'Business', 'License', 'Technical' or 'Security'. This role can be assigned to you by any other person in the company that already has this role, or your WEM Partner (or WEM itself).


You can send us a request for a Personal Demo on WEM.

Please provide all necessary information in the form, and most importantly: let us know in the Demo Details if you have a specific case in mind and describe it a bit. That way we can prepare a specific demo addressing your case.

We will personally get in touch first to finalize any appointment.

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