The ALL keyword is used to access all entities in nested entities, bypassing the parent-rows.

For example, you have the entities [Shop] and [Shop.Products] where [Shop.Products] is the nested entity. When you use Count([Shop.Products]), you’ll get number of products from the current shop only. If instead you want to count all products from all shops, you can write:

Count(ALL [Shop.Products])

This function is SQL compatible. For more information about SQL compatibility, see our documentation.

Returns all entities of a given nested entity without limiting by active parent row.

First( ALL [Shop.Products] 
    where [Shop.Products.ProductCode] = "X-00014-1297"
/* searches all products in all shops and returns the first product that has a specified product code */

    where RowId([Shop]) in 
        RowId([Shop]) of ALL [Shop.Products] 
        where [Shop.Products.Price] >= 20 
            and [Shop.Products.Price] <= 30
/* returns all shops that have a product in the price range between 20 and 30*/

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