The IsOnRow() function returns a yes/no value that indicates that the indicated list has a specific Row selected; this can be achieved for example by using a list node (go to row), loop node (going though multiple rows in a list) or clicking on a row in a datagrid. or - in case a reference-field is used with this function - the reference-field has a value and is indeed pointing to a specific row in the referenced list (achieved using an assignment node).

When a List is on a specific row, you can access the values of the fields in the list (to read or write values). If you try to read or write specific fields in a list, when there is no current row, you will get a fault message with something like "there is no current row". So, to be sure you can access fields of a specific item in a list and to avoid this fault situation, you can check this using the IsOnRow function.

The list-node action Reset Row Position will set the IsOnRow to false: there will be no specific row selected on the list. The assignment action Clear value on a reference-field will clear the reference so it will no longer point to a specific row - the IsOnRow will in that case also yield false.

This function is NOT SQL compatible. For more information about SQL compatibility, see our documentation.

Returns True if the list has a specific row selected and the list-fields can be used to read/write values. Or - in case a reference-field is used - the reference field points to a specific row item in the list.

Returns False if the list has no current active row which can be used, or - in case a reference-field is used - the reference field is not yet set to point to a specific row (or has been cleared with an assignment node)



IsOnRow( [Users] ) => yes - when there is actually a specific row selected in the list.

IsOnRow( [Products] ) => no - when there is no current active row in Products.


IsOnRow( [CurrentUser-Reference] ) => yes - when the CurrentUser reference field is pointing to an actual row in the Users list.

IsOnRow( [ClearedProduct-Reference] ) => no - when the reference field has been cleared and is not pointing to an actual row in the list.





a list



a reference field pointing to a specific list

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