The loop node makes it possible to loop through all the rows in a list or a multi-select field. When a loop node is dragged onto the canvas, a popup appears where you can select the list or multi-select field over which we need to loop.

When the node is selected the following properties can be specified:



Data List

This is the list or field that is used for the loop. This property is set by WEM and cannot be changed.

Loop over rows that match

Specify over which rows we need to loop. There are two possibilities: 1. All rows in the list or field 2. A selection of rows that match a certain condition. This condition can be specified using the WEM Expression Editor

Edit loop order

It is possible to create an expression that defines the order in which the application should loop over the rows. You can do this by clicking the Edit order’ button that appears when this action is selected. From here you can specify an expression and specify the order (ascending or descending).

A loop node has two different exits:

  • Next row

    When a new row has been reached, the node exits with the Next row exit. In the flowchart the user has to make sure to return to the loop node, in order to loop over the remaining rows.

  • End of loop

    When all rows have been looped over, the node exits with the End of loop exit.

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