The CountryName() function returns the name of the country that belongs to the specified language parameter.

The language parameter is a specific language-code which is in the form en_US or nl_NL. (not a text with double quotes). The Expression Editor Functions Pane has a folder Localization where you can find the specific LanguageCodes.

This function is SQL compatible. For more information about SQL compatibility, see our documentation.

Returns a text that contains the name of the country that belongs to the specified language.

Returns Unknown if the parameter is unknown. Shows a syntax error "parameter mismatch" in the expression editor if the parameter is not a valid LanguageCode.



CountryName(en_US) =>: "United States"

CountryName(ja_JP) => "Japan"

CountryName(CurrentLanguage) => "Netherlands" (if current language is set to Dutch)

CountryName( AvailableLanguages(3) ) => { the country name of the third language in the list of available languages






Specific language code (available within the Localization folder in the Expression Editor.

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