The Intersection() function produces a concept set that contains the concepts that a part of all given concept sets in the parameters.

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This function is NOT SQL compatible. For more information about SQL compatibility, see our documentation.

Returns a concept set with the concepts that occur in each concept set provided in the parameter list.

An unknownconceptset value is returned if any of the conceptsets in the list is unknown, or if there is no concept available in all sets in the parameterlist.


Intersection( List(concept_set_1, concept_set_2, ...) )

Intersection( List([AllColors], 'Color'.'Purple') ) =>Result: { Purple } (as a conceptset with one concept)

Intersection( List( [AllColors], {'Color'.'Amber', 'Color'.'Teal'}) ) =>Result: { Amber, Teal }

Intersection( List( [AllColors], [EMEA-Regions]) ) =>Result: unknownconceptset

Intersection( List(unknownconceptset, [AllColors]) ) =>Result: unknownconceptset




list of concepts


2 or more sets of concepts (or a single concept) combined with the List() function as parameterlist.

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