Add a certificate

You can manage your certificates in the project resource bar under the tab Webservices and comet. In this pane, you see the folders to set up web services, authentication protocols and a certificates folder on the bottom. You have 4 types of certificates you can add, namely Client certificates, Server certificates, Trusted clients and Trusted servers. When you select a folder with the right mouse button you get an option window like this:

When you want to upload a certificate a new window appears with the option to drag and drop a certificate file, or you select one from your system by clicking the empty box. The different certificate types accept different filetypes.

  • Client and server certificates: .pem, .pfx or .p12

  • Trusted server and Trusted Client: .crt, .cer, .cert, .pem or .der

You can also create your own self signed client and server certificates. Selecting this option opens a new window with a form, here you can fill in the details of the certificates and create it.

Certificate details

Certificates that are added to the modeler can be viewed and downloaded. You can do this by using right-mouse-button or the [...] three-dot button. This opens the context menu, where you can select to open the certificate details or download the certificate. You can also download the certificate from the details screen. These are the details a certificate provides:

Private certificates

You can also download your private key. When you do this, you are prompted with a window giving you the possibility to include the private key. A private key is protected by a password you need to create before you can download your certificate.

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