A sub-flowchart makes it possible to use a flowchart in a flowchart. When the sub-flowchart node in a flowchart is reached, the flowchart that is defined as sub-flowchart will start. Any flowchart can be used as a sub-flowchart. This allows you to create and use flowcharts as reusable functions that can be used in multiple other flowcharts.

When you drag and drop a flowchart node from the toolbar to the canvas, WEM shows a popup window that allowes you to select an existing flowchart to be added as a sub-flowchart. It is also possible to drag and drop a flowchart directly from the flowchart tab to the canvas.


A sub-flowchart node has no properties. The property panel on the right does provide some information on the name of the flowchart and which exits it contains.

Sub-flowcharts can have multiple exits. Every End node in a (sub-)flowchart is also an exit of that (sub-)flowchart.

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