Change the value of a number datafield using a star rating widget. Similar to the 'Rating view' widget. This widget can be used to change a number datafield. However, it cannot be used to display custom rating icons and uses stars.



Data field

datafield, number

Change this value using the star rating widget. The value of this datafield should always be between one and the maximum number of stars displayed by the rating widget.

Max starts


The maximum amount of start displayed by the widget. only values from 3 up to 20 are allowed.

On change


When the user clicks on a star (changing the datafield value), the following actions can be performed: do nothing, refresh screen or execute flowchart.

Execute flowchart


Execute the provided flowchart when the user changes the value of the star rating widget. Only visible when 'On change ' is set to 'Execute flowchart'.

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