WEM Widgets

An introduction to WEM Widgets and WEMscript, used to create widgets

About WEM Widgets

For demos and documentation on existing widgets, see widgets.live.wem.io.

Visit our forum for more discussions on widgets: WEM Forum > WEM Modeler > Widgets.

A Widget is a way to extend the standard User Interaction capabilities in WEM. They are only used on templates/pages (user interaction nodes in WEM) and will run and present their functionality in the browser at the client. WEM Widgets are little bits of custom coded elements.

WEM comes with a wide range of widgets that you can freely use in your project. If you need a specific widget that is not part of WEM, you can create that widget yourself - if you understand javascript at least.

A widget is written in WEMScript for hooking it into the rest of the WEM functionality. The intended functionality is typically written in JavaScript to run in the browser. JavaScript version ECMAScript ES5 is supported, that version is supported by all browsers. ES6 (ECMAScript2015) and newer versions are not (yet) supported by all browsers (particularly IE), so please use JavaScript syntax from ES5.

This article further describes the structure of WEM Widgets and syntax of WEMScript.

WEM Widget StructureWEMScript for Widgets

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