The Contains keyword can be used on either Texts, Concept Sets or Lists.

It checks if a text, a concept set or a list contains a value (of corresponding type).

This function is SQL compatible. For more information about SQL compatibility, see our documentation.

Returns a Yes/No value that indicates if the searched item is indeed part of the source being searched.

Text functions are not case-sensitive and ignore diacritics (accents).

text contains text

"With tangerine trees and marmalade skies" Contains "marmalade" => Yes

concept_set contains concept_b

{ 'PowerUser', 'Administrator' } Contains 'Administrator' => Yes

concept_set contains concept_set

{ 'User', 'PowerUser', 'Admin' } contains { 'User', 'Admin' } => Yes

{ 'PowerUser', 'Admin' } contains { 'User', 'PowerUser' } => No (the second set is not contained entirely within the first set, although there is overlap - which is a different keyword/function)

list contains item

list(1, 2, 3) contains 2 => Yes

list("A", "B", "C") contains "B" => Yes

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