The Round() function rounds a number.

Rounding a number can be done according to different strategies when it comes to the edge cases (like x.5). WEM uses the Banker's Rounding strategy because of its statistical superiority and standard use in financial and statistical operations. Mind, this only applies to the Mid-Point values: the middle of the spectrum, where a decision needs to be made which way to go. So if you expect 3.85 to be rounded to 3.9 (away from zero), you'll be surprised to see WEM shows 3.8 (Banker's).

Read this wiki page about rounding strategies.

This function is NOT SQL compatible. For more information about SQL compatibility, see our documentation.

Returns a number that is rounded to an integral number or a number of fractional digits. Returns Invalid expression if one of the parameter values is not a valid number.



Round(1.523) => 2

Round() => Invalid expression

Round(number, digits)

Round(3.141592, 2) => 3.14

Round() => Invalid expression



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