Logical-and &, and

Operator: & , and

The logical operator & (and) checks if two conditions both evaluate to true. The operators & and and can both be used and are exactly the same.

If used together with the logical or operator, the precedence is important: and takes precedence over or. We strongly advice to use (parentheses) to correctly group these logical statements.

This function is SQL compatible. For more information about SQL compatibility, see our documentation.

The result is a Yes/No value, depending on the check

  • if Condition1 evaluates to true AND Condition2 evaluates to true, only then Yes is returned.

  • all other evaluations result in No

condition1 & condition2

(6=6) & ("Hello world" = "Hello world") => Yes

false & false => No

false & true => No

true & true => Yes

true & "text" => expression type mismatch

condition1 and condition2

(6=6) and ("Hello world" = "Hello world") => Yes

false and true or false => No

false and true or true => Yes

(false and true) or true => Yes

false and (true or true) => No

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