When you want to use hyperlinks in your application, you need to define them first. You can do that in the widget, templates, hyperlinks tab (second from right) on the left pane in the modeler. Hyperlinks in WEM are mostly used for directing the user to specific resources or websites outside of the application being build. Hyperlinks can be used in the template editor as buttons or links to allow the user to navigate to these websites via these interaction widgets. The modeler and WEM work differently with URL's and cannot be used to point to a specific location within your application.

Here you can manage all your hyperlinks. You can:

  • Add and delete hyperlinks;

  • View the all hyperlinks in this project;

  • Get a list of all locations where a link is used within your application with find usages;

  • Create/manage folders. This is used to group hyperlinks. If you have a large number of hyperlinks, you can group them in folders, to make it easier to manage all the available links.

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