The IsUnknown() function checks whether the input parameter is unknown and not recognizable as a value or element.

It is only slightly different from IsEmpty() in the way that an empty text-value is a known element (it is a text and not unknown), but it does not have a value.

This function is SQL compatible. For more information about SQL compatibility, see our documentation.

If the input parameter is a list or a collection (like a Concept-Set), then the IsUnknown() function checks if the list has no rows.

The IsKnown() function checks the opposite of this function.

Returns true if parameter is unknown. Returns false if parameter is not unknown.



IsUnknown( "1" ) => False

IsUnknown(unknownnumber) => True

IsUnknown( "" ) => False >> This is different from IsEmpty( "" ) : "" is a known element (an empty string) but it does not have a value according to the IsEmpty implementation.

IsUnknown( " " ) => False

IsUnknown( '' ) => False

IsUnknown( {} ) => True

IsUnknown( [List WithRows] ) => False

IsUnknown( [List WithNoRows] ) => True





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