ZIP Archive Process Node

With the Create ZIP Archive Process Node, you can create a zip-file containing a compressed version of the original file (as provided in the input parameter).

The Input File parameter may let you think that you can only put 1 file into the ZIP archive. But this parameter expression also accepts a list of File Fields, enabling you to add multiple files into the ZIP Archive in one go. As displayed in the example above:

  • Have a list with a File field ([Products] with [Products.Images] in the example);

  • In the Input File Parameter expression, use ([Products.Image] of [Products]) to add the images of all products to the ZIP Archive.

  • Obviously, you can add a where-clause to limit the records of the list (Products where Name contains ...) or you can use a (transient) List with only one File field, and in your flow before the ZIP process, add any file from your project to that (transient) list and then use the above mentioned expression: ([FileField] of [List])

  • If you have multiple file fields that are not in a single list but just a few "stand-alone" file fields, you can combine them with the following expression:

    List([Attachment1], [Input.Files.File01], [Input.Files.Image01])

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