Video Tutorials

Technology Behind Performance

Learn in this video about how to boost the performance of your wem applications. Gijs Reijner talks you through the technical aspects regarding performance. For a lot of cases this is because of filter expressions, and can be resolved with a more knowledge about how filter expressions work.

Filter Queries and Batch Processing

In this video Ralph Coesmans talks about Filter queries and Batch Processing. Filter queries can often be a cause for an application to feel slow, and can be improved with the use of proper filter queries. When you need to update many rows in a list batch processing can be strategy to keep it fast and efficient.

The Double Loop

Douwe Roelofsen talks you trough why and how the double loop can make your application faster. Replacing the Go To Row with a double loop limits the amount of queries your application has to perform. He also talks about Identifying the cause of a possible slowdown, and highlights the usual suspects that slow a application down.

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