Different processes explained

In this page we go over all the different processes you can do with the process node

The process nodes are distributed into 3 categories. Some processes change the settings of your project, confirm changes or affect flowchart flows, there can be found in the change settings category.

Other processes change files or change how documents work or change the document types. These can be found in the changing files categories.

Generate files is reserved for processes that generates new files or components for your project. Here you can find processes that; generate images, sends emails and much more.

The different processes:

Change settings:

  • Change language

  • Change timezone

  • Confirm session changes

  • Sleep

  • Redirect

  • Web request**

Change files:

  • Resize Image

  • Flatten CSV document

  • Extract text from document

  • Rename file

Generate file:

  • Create data matrix

  • Generate Word document

  • Generate PDF document

  • Generate file from text

  • Generate Image

  • Generate HTML from rich text

  • Create QR code

  • Create ZIP archive

Coming soon or Deprecated:

  • Send email*

  • Print template*

  • Write template to rich text field*

"*" Under construction will soon be available

"**" Legacy process, check the Web services page.

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