Invoke Webservice

If your project has Webservices defined (consume and/or expose), you can access these services through the Service request node. The Service request node sends or retrieves data using a web service. The node itself does not handle any data, so you will need e.g. assignment nodes to store and work with the data. To use the node, you drag it onto the flowchart and a selection popup appears.

Here you select the webservice you want to use.

There are only two properties for this node:

  • The Name, which is set by WEM and cannot be changed;

  • The possibility to clear all input after the call to the webservice is finished. This is done through checking the checkbox for this option.

The node has a number of exits:

  • Error - this exit is used if an error occurs using the node;

  • Default exit - the regular exit when there are no errors

  • Additional exits are possible if the webservice has predefined faults. If so, these are also exits for this node. And these exits help to better identify a problem if the node produces an error.

Example: when you want to call a webservice to retrieve data, you call that webservice through the node, and the data that is returned is stored in either data fields or list fields. Often a call requires input, in that case you start with one or more assignment nodes to set the input, than the service request node does the call to the webservice, and finally you use one or more assignment nodes to store the data that was retrieved using the service request node.

A complete documention on webservices can be found here:


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