A text is a sequence of characters like a string, a word or a sentence, most commonly used to store text inputs and for labels. The text literal can consist of zero or more characters enclosed by double quotes.

The Text datatype can include all alphanumeric characters and symbols available in the Unicode Standard:

  • letters

  • numbers

  • symbols

  • whitespace-characters (spaces, newlines, tabs)

Even though text can contain numbers it will be treated as text. When a text is used, only the characters between the quotes are shown - when you need to display the double-quotes, you need to use the escape character directly in front of it: \".


Special characters are escaped with a backslash (\).


An unknown value can be written as UnknownText.


"Hello World!"
"Greetings Mr Doe."
"The wolf said: \"Little pig, little fatty, let me come in.\"."

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