The WEM Live Runtime Environment - your Application in Production

The WEM Live Runtime is the Production Environment for your application. In the Publish feature you can activate both Staging and Live in one go. All settings and features in the Modeler are published first to Staging and updated in Staging Environment, and then to Live and updated in the Live Environment. Publishing is needed when changes are made in the Modeler that need to be implemented in Live Runtime. You want to publish only the finished and tested updates to this environment to make sure you keep a working application exposed to your users.


The default URL for the live environment is https://[projectname] and can be changed in the portal settings. More about changing hostnames can be found here: Manage hostnames.


Every environment has its own database. When publishing a project to a new environment you publish the data structure not its content. This is necessary to keep the right data in your live environment. When your storage strategy has all portals share the same database you still have a different database for staging and for live used by both portals. More about this here: Storage strategy .


Before you publish your project to the live environment you need a license. This is a license from WEM giving you permission to publish to live. You can find out more about licenses here.

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